Video and installation with print on textile, 300x200x600cm, Gallery Nova, 2021 Two Way Surge as if There Was no Other I’ve been looking at the maps recently, the charts of rivers, thinking about where they start, how they flow, where they end. Also thinking about the historical, economical

The beginnings of a Biennale, even while being sceptical of the idea. We are starting to work on a Biennale. We think with other people about what a Biennale might be, what it shouldn’t be, and how it’s shape might be informed by our time and our needs and desires. Who is the ‘our’? We

We can wear all sorts of things on our sleeves, hearts, patches, badges, labels, logos, safety pins, and these things are revealing in different ways. Similarly, stitching can be visible or hidden, and the construction of a piece of clothing can be more or less tangible. In the case of this wo